DELTA:  Spider  Wig
  • DELTA:  Spider  Wig

DELTA: Spider Wig

Reader + Delta Augmented. DELTA Readers "Me and my World"

M.G. Leonard

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Reader + Delta Augmented. DELTA Readers "Me and my World"

Morris knows exactly what scares him: Calvin, the school bully, who is planning to "hammer him into the ground" today. Is his life really going to end just because Morris translated Calvin Porcus' name from Latin? At school, nearly all his friends have deserted him. Everybody wants to watch Morris get beaten up - except for Holly, the only person Morris knows who can stand up to Calvin.  Together, they set out to fight back. Now all Morris has to do is find out what Calvin is scared of…
DELTA Readers Me and my World is a series which aims to share stories about people's lives around the world and the issues they are confronted with.
This reader includes:

  • explanations of new vocabulary directly at the bottom of each page
  • activities to check understanding and develop your language skills
  • Think about it: opportunities to reflect on what you have read
  • Find out more: questions and tasks designed to help you learn more about what you have read