From Teacher to Teacher Leader
  • From Teacher to Teacher Leader

From Teacher to Teacher Leader

Hayo Reinders

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A valuable guide and resource for teachers wishing to further their learning and exert influence in their institution
  • Publicată în 2020
  • paperback, 170 pagini
  • Înalţime: 24.3 cm, lăţime: 17 cm, grosime: 1 cm, greutate: 320 g
  • Cod: 9781009014915
  • Disciplină: Limba engleză
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This book is for teachers who would like to develop the mindset of a teacher leader, and with it, the potential to have a major impact on their teaching community. The book supports teachers in their professional development, through discussion of new concepts and ideas, case studies drawing on the experience of teachers from around the world, and through personal reflection and application to their practice. In short, it supports teachers in identifying teacher leadership skills and implementing them in their context.
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