Portrait of a Nail Salon B2
  • Portrait of a Nail Salon B2

Portrait of a Nail Salon B2

Reader + Delta Augmented. DELTA Readers "Me and my World"

Ann Gianola

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DELTA Readers "Me and my World"

Tien is a talented artist. However, three years after her art studies, she still works in the nail salon of her aunt Chau. She is dissatisfied and does not find work fulfilling, which makes her worry about her future. However, a random robbery in the nail salon opens new doors for Tien, both professionally and privately. 

But the main question remains - will Tien's ultimate dream of having her own exhibition in an art gallery ever come true? 

Portrait of a Nail Salon is a carefree reading of hope and perseverance and you never really know what the future holds. 

DELTA Readers Me and my World is a series that aims to share stories about the lives of people around the world and the issues they face. 

This reader contains: 
• Explanations of the new vocabulary right at the bottom of each page 
• Activities for understanding and developing language skills 
• Ways to reflect on what you have read. 
• Questions and tasks that help to learn and help to reflect what has been read 

DELTA Reader's "Me and my World" is a series of stories about sharing stories about people's lives around the world.