Reading Extra, A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities

Liz Driscoll

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This book uses many authentic sources such as factual texts
  • Publicată în 2004
  • paperback, 120 pagini
  • Înalţime: 22.8 cm, lăţime: 15 cm, grosime 2.3 cm, greutate 390 g
  • Cod: 9780521534055
  • Editura: Art Klett - CLS
  • Disciplină: Limba engleză
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        Clasificare > Editura > Cambridge

This book uses many authentic sources such as factual texts, newspaper articles, features and TV schedules, instruction manuals, everyday signs, stories, quizzes, emails and diary entries. Students are encouraged to read material on different levels and in different ways, such as reading for gist, scanning, skimming, comprehension, analysing structure, summarising and shadow reading.

  • • Offers three levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Upper -intermediate. • Engaging reading tasks with a contemporary feel. • Refreshing integrated approaches to 18 familiar topics.