Run for Your Life
  • Run for Your Life

Run for Your Life

Reader + Delta Augmented

Paul Davenport

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Cassie lives in Naschitti, New Mexico. This is Navajo territory and there isn't a lot for a teenage girl to do. Out of boredom, she spends pretty much every afternoon lying on the couch, snacking and watching TV.
One day, on the way home, Cassie has a close encounter with Thor, a neighbor's pit bull terrier. She needs to run, but running isn't as easy as it should be. Over the next few 
weeks, she is haunted by flashbacks of Thor and realizes that it is time to do something to turn her life around.
As she begins her quest to become a long distance runner, Cassie finds that not everyone has her back. Even her own brother is out to get her. And the open Navajo terrain is not the safest place to be running alone…