Alan Brown’s Diary
  • Alan Brown’s Diary

Alan Brown’s Diary

Reader + Delta Augmented

Frederick L. Wolf, ,

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DELTA Readers: Me and my world
  • Publicată în 2022
  • paperback
  • Înalţime: 19,8 cm, lăţime: 12,8 cm, grosime: 0,5 cm, greutate: 109 g
  • Cod: 9783125011205
  • Disciplină: Limba engleză
  • Alte categorii:
        Clasificare > Editura > Klett Sprachen

Alan Brown is a normal teenager who lives in London. Like everyone his age, Alan has problems. Problems with his family, friends, school, and the new girl in his class. Alan writes about his thoughts and feelings in his diary. Maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry, but as you read the diary you will get to know the real Alan, the world he’s living in, and what he does about his problems.

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